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What is savescumming?

Savescumming, as per the rules, is backing up your own save game, doing actions, then restoring it. This is useful for many achievements, such as those that require buying all the items in a game.

Using this technique, you can farm up the money you need, buy the necessary items - then restore your save game to have the achievement, no items, and all the money for use for what you ACTUALLY want in game.

Downloading GameSave Manager

First of all, lets save a LOT of effort finding where savegames are located, and instead use a tool that already has a large database of savegames: GameSave Manager.

Just click the big download button as seen below.

Once its downloaded - unzip it somewhere convinient

Configure a backup folder

After launching the program, it will download updates, and ask you to configure a backup directory. If you need to do it manually - say you want to back up to an external hard drive, first click the “Program Settings” link.

Then under Task Specific -> Backup Settings, select the hilighted options. This allows you to have multiple savescums per game.

Back up your games

Going back to the main menu, backing up games is similarly simple.

Simply select Make a Backup.

Then, choose your game(s) to back up, and hit the button to start the process.

Restore your games

Restoring games is equally simple. Starting at the main menu again:

Simply select Open Archive(s).

Navigate to your backup folder, and select the backed up save that you wish to restore. Then click the Open button.

Finally, you’ll end up on a screen very similar to the backup screen. Select the game(s) you wish you restore, then click the restore button.

Congratulations! You’re now good to play your old save!